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Penstemon rydbergii, Figwort family
Meadow Penstemon
Penstemon rydbergii
Cecelia restinii, Brown family
Resting near the trail
Cecelia restinii

Pedicularis attolens, Figwort family
Elephant Heads
Pedicularis attolens

Ipomopsis aggregata, Phlox family
Scarlet Gilia
Ipomopsis aggregata

Wild Iris
Wild Iris

Phacelia frigida, Waterleaf family
Timberline Phacelia
Phacelia frigida

Small Flowered Stickseed
Hackelia micrantha

Aguilegia formosa, Buttercup family
Crimson Columbine
Aguilegia formosa

Trifolium kingii var. productum, Pea family

Shasta Clover
Trifolium kingii var. productum

Cobwebby Indian Paintbrush
Castilleja arachnoidea

Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily
Lilium tigrinum
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